Smyths Toys

TV and social media video campaign for Smyths Toys Superstores.

Producing TV commercial for Smyths Toys we created two overlapping settings: the world of prehistoric jungle, existing in boy’s imagination while playing with Mega Rex DInosaur (the RC toy from Smyths’ original portfolio) and boy’s room, where the joint fun continues and dance routine with Rex is created and recorded. Working with the client’s brief, we came up with the storyline idea, and took care of the complete pre-production process (including extensive casting, sets’ design and styling), shooting and post-production (editing, colour grading, animations, vfx and sound design). As usual, on top of the 16:9 version, which runs on TV and YouTube, we also delivered 9:16 version for social media uses. It took just 5 weeks from initial client’s contact to the delivery of the final version of the video!